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Hi! I'm Abby. My husband, Carl, and I are happily married since October 2007. Our little family of 2 (well, 3 if you count Chief, the dog) added one more in October 2011 when we welcomed Audrey Elizabeth, our first child into the world. Our life was forever changed. And to add to the joy and excitement, we added another daughter, Clara Marie, in May 2014. I wanted to create this blog originally to document all the milestones throughout my pregnancy with Audrey so we could remember that special time in our lives. And now I get to write all about Audrey and Clara and our life with these amazing "Larson Ladies", which is so much more fun!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Audrey is 8 Months Old!

Weight:  18 lbs 4oz (weighed at home with clothes on)
Length:  {unknown}
Clothes:  Mostly 12 months (9-12 mos) clothes, but some 6-9 mos clothes still fit
Diaper:  Size 3

As you can tell from the pictures, Audrey is pulling herself up and just moving all over the place.  It was an eventful month!

Food:  Audrey gets to try all sorts of new foods lately.  She still gets formula bottles, but she also gets a lot of fruits and vegetables and some dinners like chicken noodles and macaroni beef with vegetables.  Yummy! Overall, she is eating larger quantities of solids at a time.  We give her the "bigger" packs of food (stage 2) and sometimes at dinner she eats a whole jar of vegetables plus some fruit and cereal.  She's a growing girl!  About 3 weeks ago, we started giving her a sippy cup and solid foods like biscuits and puffs.  She really did not like them at first, especially the puffs and biscuits.  But since about a week ago, she can't get enough!  She picks up the puffs and biscuits and puts them in her mouth herself now.  She'll make a face and flare her nostrils still sometimes, but she'll eat them.

Sleep:  Audrey has been sleeping really well lately.  She hasn't made a peep at night for at least the past 2 weeks straight.   Around the beginning of this month, she started teething so she was up some during the night crying.  But once that tooth popped through, she has been sleeping really sound.  She's pretty inconsistent still with her napping...some days she will sleep 2-3 hours during the day, but other days she only sleeps 30-45 mins.

Here are several videos that tell the story of this past month - 

Chloe is 2

On June 2nd, Aunt Faye and Uncle Jim threw a party for Chloe McClue who turned 2 on June 10th.

Audrey got to celebrate with Chloe!  It sure was funny seeing them playing together.  Chloe was such a nice girl to share her gifts with Audrey.  

Look at me sitting in Chloe's chair!
Hurry, before she notices...