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Hi! I'm Abby. My husband, Carl, and I are happily married since October 2007. Our little family of 2 (well, 3 if you count Chief, the dog) added one more in October 2011 when we welcomed Audrey Elizabeth, our first child into the world. Our life was forever changed. And to add to the joy and excitement, we added another daughter, Clara Marie, in May 2014. I wanted to create this blog originally to document all the milestones throughout my pregnancy with Audrey so we could remember that special time in our lives. And now I get to write all about Audrey and Clara and our life with these amazing "Larson Ladies", which is so much more fun!


Sunday, January 20, 2013


Audrey, our little LadyBug, had a fun Halloween.  She went trick-or-treating for the first time!  Grandpa Larson picked her up from daycare and brought her to my office where they let all the kids visit.

Then we came back to our house and waited for Grandma Larson and Daddy to come home.  
Audrey's Trick-or-Treat bag, a gift from
Kathy Moran when Audrey was born
Grandma Larson came over bearing gifts!
Mickey blocks!  Better than candy :)
Daddy's little Audrey-bug

Apple of Our Eye: Audrey's 1st Birthday Party

On October 20th, 2012, we invited friends and family over to celebrate Audrey's 1st birthday.

It was a wonderful day!  The weather was perfect, almost 60 degrees and sunny.  Beautiful Autumn day.  And better yet, we got to celebrate our Audrey Elizabeth's 1st year!  

Grandma & Gramps Patton
Grandma & Grandpa Larson
Grandma Patton, Aunt Faye, Great-Grandpa Hahn, and Uncle Jim

The party was the BEST birthday party I have ever been to.  My Mom outdid herself again!  We chose an "Apple of Our Eye" theme, but we wanted very girly colors, not the typical Autumn colors that go along with October and apples.  It turned out to be even better than I could have imagined.  Of course my Mom (Grandma Patton) took on the role of ultimate party-planner, and I can't thank her enough for all the work she did to make this party so memorable for us and for Audrey.

We set up tables in the garage and a tent with chairs/tables on the driveway for more seating.  Since it was such a beautiful day, a lot of people spent time outside.  

The food was set up inside in our kitchen/dining area.  Grandma Patton made a really cool frame that hung above the food table.  It was a collage of all of Audrey's monthly pictures through her first year with a 1-year-old birthday picture in the middle.  I don't have a good picture of the food table... best I can do is this blurry picture of the collage with pink and green balloons on the side.  As for the food, we served shredded BBQ chicken, bratwursts, coleslaw, and chips.  We had juice boxes, caramel apple cider, bottled water (with custom labels), and beer to drink. 

The main feature of the party was the dessert table.  Grandma Patton and Aunt Ashley really outdid themselves with this dessert table.  

A friend of mine has a side-business where she made cake pops and oreo balls, Pops n' Balls.  She made the Apple Cake Pops (spice cake and cream cheese frosting) for our dessert table.  Delicious!  We also had lollipops...

Apple Jacks and Caramel Corn (from Del's Popcorn Shop in Decatur)... Homemade Apple Pies baked in mason jars (believe it or not, I made those!)... 

Confetti Cupcakes with hot pink frosting (courtesy of Aunt Ashley)...Audrey's "smash" cake on a beautiful cake platter as the center piece for the dessert table...

Hot pink M&M's... Snickers Caramel Apple Salad with a pretzel and a candy lime for the stem and leaf...

Caramel Apples (from Del's Popcorn Shop in Decatur)...

and baskets of Granny Smith Apples...

The dessert table definitely added a "wow-factor" to the party.  And all the guests really loved the desserts.  I thought we were going to have tons of leftover candy, but there wasn't too much remaining after all guests had left.  

Audrey had 2 outfits for the party.  She wore a pretty pink tutu with this custom onesie that said "Audrey The Apple of Our Eye".  I loved this big pink flower headband, but that didn't last too long.  :)

After we ate dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to Audrey.  We left the candle unlit because I was a bit paranoid.  Next year, she can blow out her birthday candles.  :)  

Then we let her dig into her cake. 

Carl had to help her really dig in.  She wasn't as interested in this cake. 

But it certainly does look like she went crazy, doesn't it?  What a silly girl!  

After the cake, Audrey got a bath and a new outfit... her birthday dress.  I had a pillow case dress made with a hot pink apple decal and Audrey's name.  She had a blast opening all her presents...
Rocking horse from Grandma & Grandpa Larson
Handmade carousel horse made by Uncle Ross

We will never forget Audrey's 1st Birthday Party.  What a beautiful event for such a special girl!  Big, big thanks all who came and especially to my Mom for taking this party to the next level and making it so memorable!